Eloise is the authority on corporate Learning and Development having worked with large organisations throughout Australasia. Eloise has extensive experience in the Sales and Sales Leadership development areas, consulting in overall business strategy, capability development programme design and implementation. Eloise work with leaders, teams and business owners as a “Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant.


Eloise has designed award winning programmes in Sales and Sales Leadership, and Core Essential skills for all leaders. With a background in Sales and Sales Leadership in her early career she has the credibility to understand the dynamics, skills and persistence needed to be a high achiever in sales and what it takes to be a leader influencing and leading others to success. Eloise is an avid learner and has been mentored and worked with globally renowned motivational speakers, business coaches and experts in her field over the last 25+ years.


Eloise is a National Speakers Association of New Zealand Board Member, a keynote speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Consultant. For companies looking to grow in sales, expand their leadership capability and lift performance, Eloise is your go to person!