High Performance & Wellbeing

When you aim to be better, while always performing to your best and you continually maintain consistency in your efforts, then you are a high performer.

When becoming a high performer there can also be an element of huge pressure, stress and anxiety.

When individuals are fatigued and under pressure they often feel a sense of overwhelm with their workload and a sense that there is not enough time to achieve the desired results. This feeling of not being in control easily leads to a stressful mindset and fatigue which can show up in many negative ways and they all come under the umbrella of stress, such as:

  • poor sleep
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • cloudy judgment
  • forgetfulness
  • mood swings
  • poor productivity
  • digestive issues
  • skin conditions
  • losing or putting on weight quickly
  • The worst case scenario is extreme burnout which can lead to depression, deep anxiety and other clinical issues.

Learning how to manage your wellbeing by using proven, practical, simple tools will positively and proactively help to change your mindset, enabling you to have a higher level of resilience.