Steve Gurney is a Kiwi sporting icon, a NZ household name who motivates audiences to action. He’s brilliant at sharing motivational messages with humour and his own brand of genuine, real-world experience.

Winning a record-setting nine Coast to Coast races; running, kayaking and biking the length of New Zealand; competing in the world mountain-bike champs; adventure racing in far-flung countries, through jungles, up mountains, through swamps; a world record crossing of the Sahara Desert – you’d think Steve Gurney was a naturally gifted athlete. But in fact, he was always last in school races!

Steve will share his secrets to sustained success.

He will talk about the myth of luck, innovation, thwarting the tall poppy cutter, turning obstacles into opportunities, identifying passionate priorities, creating absolutely irresistible goals, staying the distance despite the challenges and how “one’s attitude determines one’s altitude”.

Steve is sought-after as an opening speaker to set the audience in a state of enthusiasm and motivated curiosity, ready to get the most out of the conference content. Equally, Steve is popular as a closing speaker to ensure the audience leaves motivated to put into action their outcomes from the conference. He’s brilliant at sharing a motivational message infused with humour and genuine, self-effacing honesty.